Abu Dhabi, UAE

3 days / 22 lectures
8 tracks / 20 speakers
The 1st time in Middle East!

March 22-24, 2018
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Conference Grant

N.B. All information you supply to us will be treated as strictly confidential.

Terms and Conditions

1. This grant covers only the registration fees and not covering transportation or accommodation in the UAE.
2. This grant is not transferable to others and cannot be exchanged for cash.
3. This application is not considered an approval for the grant and the organizing committee has the right to approve or reject this application based on the selection criteria.

Selection Criteria:

1. Applicant titles to be one of the followings (Clinical Pathologist – Clinical Chemist – Medical Scientist – Medical Student – Medical Technologist – Pathologist).
2. Applicant Biography.
3. Impact on the applicant’s future career in clinical laboratory medicine.
4. Impact on the clinical laboratory medicine in their institution.