Abu Dhabi, UAE

3 days / 22 lectures
8 tracks / 20 speakers
The 1st time in the Middle East!

March 22-24, 2018
Head of the Clinical Laboratories, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at King Faisal Hospital

Tracy Ellison

Dr. Tracy Ellison completed her Ph.D. from the School of Medicine at Keele University in 2007 for the development of an improved screening and treatment strategy for diabetes. She is the Head of the Clinical Laboratories, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at King Faisal Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which is a tertiary referral center specializing in oncology and transplantation.

Dr. Tracy is a chartered scientist (CSci), a fellow of the Institute of biomedical scientists (FIBMS) and has a Black Belt in Six Sigma.

Key areas of interest are informatics, automation and quantifying medical value. She has 33 years’ work experience with 10 years in the commercial diagnostics arena and 23 years in pathology and hospital management in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Tracy has publications in ethics & regulation, diabetes, molecular biology (amongst others) and is internationally known for her work in lean & six sigma.



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